I'm Lanny, I make some things. My largest project in recent years has been ISS. In the course of that project I started Houston, which is a Django app aimed at providing site usage analytics, sorta like Google Analytics but without all the privacy invasion and likely selling off of data. Lately I've been working on a project aimed at delivering synchronized video playback in modern browsers over networks with non-negligible latency, CGRO. I don't name all my projects after space stuff, I swear. I also make little games sometimes, most notably web based implementations of Onitama and YINSH.


ISS (short for "International Space Station", although no one calls it that) is a piece of BBS style forum software.


CGRO (Compton Gamma Ray Observatory) aims to deliver synchronized video playback between a small number of peers.


Onitama is a bit like chess, I guess.


YINSH is weird, but I like it.